Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New years lonely boy

Hey everyone. This is my first post in a long long time. You see... im a lazy faggot and i always ceebs blogging (wilson mostly keeps this blog alive). But right now im at my aunty's house and blogging on my phone because i am bloody bored af.

YAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! Hope you all get a bit of sexy yap in this coming year.

Sigh. Let me explain the title of this post. You see the super cute wilson tran is on a plane right now and he is flying to i dont even know where. Should be either hong kong or thailand. I miss him already and im gonna be lonely for 12 whole friggen days. Im sure im not the only one that will feel lonely because im 100% sure jmac will be sad and lonely too. Speaking of jmac...

MESSAGE FROM JMAC: no one tell simon chau that wilson is overseas please

Hmmm. Bye for now

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